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Wig catalog

Wig catalogA wig catalog is an important retail tool for wig retailers. Most reputable wig suppliers and retail stores offer a catalog. The catalog often includes important information on buying wigs. Some things to consider as you browse through a wig catalog are:

• Sizing and fit recommendations – these offer helpful measurement tips to the customer.
• Precise information about the hair used in the wigs; retailers must disclose whether they are selling human hair wigs or synthetic wigs or both.
• Tips for the care of your wig. Your retailer should have the most valuable advice on how to care for your wig.
• Various wig accessories are often available in wig catalogs. These will help you to determine how to best take care of and preserve your wig.

A wig catalog enables you to look at wig options over and over again at your leisure, without needing a computer near by to use the Internet. A catalog is a great idea for someone who is uncomfortable going into a wig shop or who is feeling unwell due to chemotherapy treatments associated with medical hair loss. The wig catalog can be a great tool when you are searching for a wig.

By comparing wig catalogs, customers can make themselves aware of the similarities and differences of different wig suppliers. An informed consumer is more likely to make a choice that they are happier with. The same goes for wig customers – the more they know, they more empowered they feel to make the right decision regarding the wig they buy. Some things to note when comparing wig catalogs:

• Price – the price of wigs varies between consumers and between the vast features available in wigs today.
• Synthetic or human hair wigs – this makes a difference. Some suppliers only offer one type of wig, others offer both.
• Quality and reputation – this can be difficult to decipher from catalogs, as they are marketing material. Occasionally, you can find out how long a company has been in business.

Wig catalogs can give you an opportunity to look over numerous wig options and read descriptions and even testimonials about their wigs. Even more important that a company's proclamations of satisfied customers are their guarantee and return policy. If the wig is not as described in the wig catalog, you need to know that you can send it back for a refund