Chemotherapy wigs

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Chemotherapy wigs

Chemotherapy wigsThere are many chemotherapy wigs available that will allow those who are experiencing the effects of this treatment continue to take pleasure in styling their hair.

There are some things you can do before you choose which chemotherapy wigs may be best for you. Here they are:

• Ask your doctor – Not all treatments cause hair loss so consult with your doctor. If you think chemotherapy wigs may be right for you, your insurance may cover the cost of the wig.
• Call your hairstylist – Tell her that you are looking into purchasing chemotherapy wigs. She may be able to give advice and consult on what kind of hairstyles would be best.
• Give yourself options – Even if you find chemotherapy wigs that you love, it is likely that you will not want to wear one every day. Even a hairpiece connected to a hat can give the illusion of hair without having to wear a full-fledged wig.

Chemotherapy wigs will help you get through some of the trials you are facing. They look great and can supply a big lift to your self-esteem.

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