100% Human Hair Wigs

100% Human Hair Wigs

Many consumers do not realize that a natural hair piece has maintenance and care needs similar to an actual head of hair. This means that you will have a few responsibilities that you will need to take care of in order to make sure that your 100% human hair wigs last and maintain their original beauty and brilliance. Here are some tips that will help you to ensure the longevity of your 100% natural hair piece.

Combing: 100% human hair wigs can become tangled. To untangle the hair, spray on a de-tangle product or leave-in conditioner and start combing from the tips on up. Do not force the comb through. Instead, work in sections, and work slowly.

Shampoo: You will likely want to clean your 100 percent human hair wigs at least once a week. While regular shampoo and conditioner can be used some wigs, products made specifically for 100% human hair wigs are definitely best. This is partly because that although made from human hair, unlike real hair, authentic pieces do not receive the natural oils that the scalp makes. Some models can be worn in the shower and washed as you would wash real hair, but not all can. Be sure to read the care instructions that come with your wig.

Storage: Store your completely natural hair wigs on Styrofoam heads or wig stands when you are not wearing them. This is also a good place to dry your wigs where they can maintain their shape.

Styling: 100% human hair wigs can be styled like regular hair – you can use blow dryers and curling irons, etc. (synthetic wigs would melt in such heat). Nonetheless, heated styling can damage natural human hair wigs, just as it can damage natural hair. For the best styling, have an expert stylist both cut and style your wig to suit you best. Get your natural wigs serviced approximately once every month by an expert stylist.

You should treat your 100 percent human hair wigs with even more care than you would treat your natural hair. Remember that they can frizz in humid climates, just like natural hair. They can get a bed-head look when slept in, just like natural hair.

A point where many of today's lesser models of wigs tend to fall short on authenticity and legitimacy is their lack of attention to actual, natural hair styles. To achieve and maintain optimal beauty and a natural fashion sense a wig must never be treated as though it is simply a wig. The design of a wig must always incorporate fashion elements and an approach to design that strives to match one's head of hair as they were born with it...or in some cases, wish they were born with.